Guess what. Of course, I added more stuff. So much that we’ve got to start a new testnet, again.

This time, the graphics are in for a major overhaul. The main change is that voxels need no longer be cubic. Using an isosurfaces algorithm, you can now create smoothed surfaces, to get angled slopes and more. Voxels aren’t fully sculptable, so you can’t do arbitrary shapes, but a lot of new architectural options become accessible with this.

On top of this, you can place lightsources and water blocks in your 3D creations.

Less visible are:

  • road buildings subsidy is based on a new connected graph algorithm
  • account auctions (for those who want to stop playing for good and those who want to start playing from a decked out account)

I have been spending a lot of time AFK in the recent past, and while it should be better soon, I can’t quite predict how much time I will be able to devote to Townforge, so things may be a bit slow. Or not. Life happens, and we adapt. Hopefully there won’t be too much delay before that new testnet. I’ll post again when we get closer.

See this new stuff in action:

960x512 1024x564