Townforge is currently running on a testnet, and will still undergo changes before mainnet.

Townforge is an open source blockchain based multiplayer game released for free under the BSD license.

The game resembles such emergent MMO games as EVE Online and Ultima Online, while drawing inspiration from web browser games.

Get the source and enter a world that’s molded entirely by its players! In an alternate history world where you play as a Norse settler landing in Greenland during the Medieval Warm Period, embark on a journey to:

Check out the What kind of game is it? FAQ for more information.

Settle in a unique single shard, persistent multiplayer MMO world

Explore a huge procedurally generated world, build anything anywhere, and take advantage of terrain features to improve your buildings' competitiveness

Produce materials for your own use or for trading with others in player-driven markets

Participate in the player economy and compete for a larger share of the town treasury

Research new discoveries to improve your buildings and outcompete other players

Gain badges via gameplay achievements or immersive Norse themed role playing events

Buy land, create buildings, and let your imagination flourish with a Minecraft inspired 3D block-builder

Gain levels to customize your character's attributes and earn new block types for more cosmetic variety

Fight famine and cold while managing your resources in a simulated survivalist environment. Farm vegetables and grain, maximizing your yield by growing when temperatures are highest and selling your harvest to other players

Found your own city and attract other settlers to compete with other player-run cities

Mine new blocks in the blockchain to earn Townforge currency and conduct transactions in a Monero derived blockchain

Become part of the Townforge community via in-game chat and events, IRC, forums, and more