If you can’t build from the source, you can download binaries here.

Linux x86_64 (signature, public key)

Windows x86_64 (signature, public key)

Mac x86_64 (signature, public key)

Import the signing key if you don’t have it already (it’s in the monero and townforge trees, in utils/gpg_keys/moneromooo.asc for the Linux binaries, utils/gpg_keys/iDunk.asc for the Windows binaries, utils/gpg_keys/selsta.asc for the Mac binaries), then verify the download:

gpg --import utils/gpg_keys/moneromooo.asc
gpg --verify townforge-linux-x86_64- townforge-linux-x86_64-


gpg --import utils/gpg_keys/iDunk.asc
gpg --verify townforge-windows-x64- townforge-windows-x64-


gpg --import utils/gpg_keys/selsta.asc
gpg --verify townforge-mac-x64- townforge-mac-x64-