It’s been longer than hoped, but the testnet restart is upon us.

v0.34.0.0 is now ready, and the testnet will restart on sunday the 8th at noon GMT. Don’t forget to delete your chain if you’ve played a previous testnet.

To quote from the previous post:

Among the new features since the previous testnet:

  1. open seas and lakes
  2. auto-classified user nameable geography features (islands, peaks, beaches, coves…)
  3. private messages
  4. 3D avatars (OK, a bit rickety atm, but you can see other players move about)
  5. fishing
  6. merchant ships

There’s an even newer feature since last list was made: Odin’s bounty, which selects a random named area every game tick and gives a gold bonus to active buildings in that area. This will incentivize mapmaking as well as keeping one’s buildings running.

The mine merged pool at will be revived for the occasion, so Townforge gold can be mined both directly, or in parallel with Monero. While Monero mainnet will be used, Townforge is still in testnet so any gold you mine there will still be worthless for now.