A new Townforge release is out. v0.33.0.0 is hopefully the last testnet restart before the final release and mainnet, which should happen somewhere around November.

A testnet restart will happen on Tuesday the 28th. The current test still works with On the switch date, you will have to exit townforged and remove two files: the blockchain and tf-block-hashes-testnet.data. After that, you can start the 0.33 townforged.

The highlights in this new release:

  • much improved voxel import (multi model Magical Voxel file, Minecraft schem files, palette editing)
  • better procedural terrain
  • snow storm event
  • better scripts UI
  • optional downloadable bock hashes for better sync speed
  • decreased memory usage
  • fix for large event logs breaking the database
  • much faster switch between ground modes
  • optional on disk terrain cache
  • based off newer monero code

As usual, if you have voxel buildings you want to carry over, you can export them and reimport them in the new version.